Lawyers who know startups
Upstart Alliance gives founders the confidence to innovate

We bring great ideas to life by providing legal to startups on their terms: in language they understand, by people they relate to, at a price they can afford.

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Lawyers who know investment
Upstart Alliance gives founders the confidence to scale

Raising money is difficult enough. Don’t let legal issues get in the way of your next funding round.

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Lawyers who know deals
Upstart Alliance gives founders the confidence to grow

Negotiate with confidence, with world class legal expertise backing you.

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Lawyers who know tech
Upstart Alliance gives founders the confidence to invent

Give yourself and your end-users confidence and peace of mind with robust terms and protections.

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Lawyers who know blockchain
Upstart Alliance gives founders the confidence to disrupt

Let us guide you through the regulatory maze, so that you can focus on changing the world.

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Lawyers who know you
Upstart Alliance gives founders the confidence to dream

We’re a startup ourselves, so we get you. Let us work with you to give your startup the greatest chance of success.

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Founders and Shareholders

Founders’ and Shareholders’ Agreements, stock options and vesting, preference shares and voting rights. Let us deal with the legal stuff while you and your mates focus on the business.

Funding and Investment

Term Sheets, Convertible Notes, SAFEs. Whether you’re speaking to angels or VCs, we have everything you need from seed through series B.

Blockchain and ICOs

Whitepaper review, regulatory support, corporate set-up and structuring, Terms of Sale, SAFTs. End-to-end support for your token sale or blockchain project.

Corporate Structuring

Expanding regionally? Starting a second project? Structure your business for maximum efficiency.

Commercial Agreements

Contractor, Distribution, Service, Supply, Sales Agency, and Service Level Agreements

Software and Online

EULAs, Acceptable Use Policies, and Terms of Use. Applications, SaaS, or deep-tech—we’ve got you covered.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Negotiations, Due-Diligence and Completion. Whether you are buying or selling, we can support you through the process.

Media and Entertainment

Production legal support, intellectual property, fundraising assitance, and project management.

Privacy and Data Protection

Worried about increasing regulation? We offer a full suite of data-protection services including: compliance and contract reviews, and preparing and implementing data policies.

Employment and Employee Incentives

Employment Agreements, Freelancer Contracts, Employee Share Option Plans.

Company Setup and Corporate Secretarial Services

If you choose to engage our in-house corporate secretary, we can take your strategic decisions from boardroom to reality in the blink of an eye.

Your other legal needs

Need something else? Speak to one of us today and we’ll help you out.


We have helped over 350 founders get up and running

Rocket scientists, blockchain innovators, tech disrupters, craft distillers, resort developers and more.

The go-to source for compliance, regulatory, and structuring support for startups, scaleups and SMEs

We have worked on:

  • S$15 million hotel and resort development in Indonesia
  • A expanding chain of bars and co-working spaces in Singapore
  • Data privacy and compliance for a class-leading B2B SAAS platform


We have helped founders close millions in funding


Regional and global expertise

Our lawyers have done deals throughout the region, and beyond: Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

Tech and Blockchain

Proven experience

Our Legal Team

Lucy Ashenhurst

Corporate, Investment

Having spent more of her career in Asia than the UK, Lucy has extensive experience around region, in particular in Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam. For the last 5 years she has focused specifically on technology law and startups.

Cameron Crawford

Commercial, Blockchain, Media

Arriving in Singapore via London and Dubai, Cameron has over 18 years’ experience in the media, entertainment and technology sectors. His key practice areas comprise venture capital investment, content licensing & distribution, and motion picture production.

Sasha Lim

Corporate, M&A

Born and bred in Perth, Australia, Sasha moved to Singapore in 2011. She has over 10 years’ experience as a corporate lawyer in private practice and multinational companies, with a focus on negotiating and implementing M&A and marketing transactions.

Andre Low

Corporate, Commercial, Tech

A tech-literate millennial trained in disputes, Andre recently made the jump to corporate work to scratch a burgeoning tech itch, and to help clients stave-off conflict before it rears its ugly head.

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